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SPA Conductive Silicone Gasketing

Shielding Express SPA gasketing material uses plated aluminum particles in a specially formulated silicone elastomer.
This material exhibits exceptional environmental, electrical and physical characteristics. It is similar in performance to
our top of the line SPC but contains less silver.


  Volume Resistivity in ohm-cm .008 Max
  Tensile Strength in PSI 200
  Elongation (at rupture) 270%
  Temperature Range -55° to +200° C
  Hardness, Shore A 60 ± 5
  Specific Gravity 1.83 ±.05
  Tear Strength, (Ibs/in) 38
  Deflection at 100 PSI in Percent 7
  Color tan

    Typical Shielding Effectiveness:**

  14 KHz (Magnetic field)  71 db
  1.0 MHz (Electric field) 120 db
  1.0 GHz (Plane Wave) 110 db

* Above specifications are based on a 60 duro material; other compounds will exhibit similar properties.
** Test Method: MIL-STD-285


Product Categories
I Shielded Optical Windows I
 I Oriented Wire Shield and Seal I Foil Shield and Seal
Woven Shield and Seal
 I Thermally Conductive Materials I
  I Frame Shield
 I Knit Shield I Knit Shield and Seal I Knit Shield Wrap I
  I Particle Filled Conductive Silicone Gasketing I Shielded Air Ventilation Panels I

I Shielded Screen Filter Ventilation Panels I Conductive Caulking & Adhesives I
  I Knit Shield Ring and Contact Buttons I

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